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About Us

Fostering the next generation of scientists in the developing world is one of the strategic priorities of TWAS. Ten years ago, TWAS launched a program “TWAS Young Affiliates” to recognize the most accomplished young scientists in various regions of the developing world. Each year, TWAS, in collaboration with five TWAS Regional Offices, select up to 25 outstanding young scientists under the age of 40 as TWAS Young Affiliates, for a period of five years. After five years, they become Alumni. To date, there are 241 TWAS Young Affiliates and Young Alumni.

TWAS Young Affiliates are selected in a time of their career when they bring valuable energy and perspective to the Academy. To maximize the impact of the creativity and intellectual skills of TWAS Young Affiliates, a network of all TWAS Young Affiliates (TYAN) was proposed and established to augment the interactions and cooperation among TWAS Young Affiliates. At the 27th TWAS General Meeting in Rwanda, an Executive Committee with geographical and gender balance was elected by the Young Affiliates to oversee TYAN activities.

To date, more than 70 Young Affiliates have been connected on an online TYAN platform culminating in the initiation of new multidisciplinary collaborative networks that could advance scientific breakthroughs and address challenges that will impact the developing world.


To catalyze interdisciplinary research and development collaborations to address global challenges.


A world connected by scientific cooperation.


Promoting South-South and South-North research collaboration between young and early career scientists. 

Supporting the closure of the scientific, technological and innovation gap between countries in the South and the North.

Promoting scientific education and public understanding of science in the developing world.