TYAN Collaborative Grant Award (TCGA)

TYAN, the World Academy of Sciences Young Affiliate Network aims to catalyse interdisciplinary research and development collaborations to address global challenges. To this end, the TYAN Collaborative Grant Award (TCGA) is aimed at facilitating the initiation and building of mutually beneficial collaborations between scientists that will enable TYAN members to continue to strive for excellence in their respective research pursuits. The financial operation of TYAN and the administration of the TCGA are undertaken within The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS). The TCGA is offered to TYAN members to spend a minimum of 2 weeks at a research institution other than their own. The purpose of these awards is to promote collaborations that can enhance the research capacity of TYAN members and/or enable TYAN members to develop leadership in a specific area of expertise.


  1. The award is to facilitate the building of new, or enhancing existing collaborations. Applicants must be TYAN members
  2. Applicants could be working in any areas of science.
  3. There is no age limit. However, preference is given to young scientists at the beginning of their research career and those working in least developed countries (LDCs). A list of LDCs is available Here. Women scientists are strongly encouraged to apply.
  4. Applicants already on site in the host country are not eligible.


  1. The award contribution towards travel and subsistence amounting to a maximum of US$ 3000. No other costs will be provided by TCGA.
  2. The awards are offered for a minimum period of 2 weeks, applicants can extend the period of the award at no additional cost to TWAS. The award supports a visit that must involve work and scientific research.
  3. The above contribution is not designed to cover laboratory costs and the host institution is expected to provide the necessary research facilities.
  4. No accompanying dependents can be supported under the TCGA.
  5. Successful TCGA applicants will submit 2 reports upon their completion of their visit to host institution. The first report will be submitted within a month of the applicant’s return and the second and final report would be submitted 1 year after the applicant’s return. Both report forms will be sent when the application is successful


  1. Awards are awarded by TWAS together with the TYAN Awards Committee on the basis of scientific merit.
  2. Applications should be completed in English.
  3. The application form should be completed by the applicant and the head of the applicant’s home institution, and sent to the TWAS secretariat.


  1. the completed application form
  2. copy of passport, only the page with personal details is required
  3. the applicant’s curriculum vitae
  4. full list of publications (do not enclose reprints of articles)
  5. project description with completed sections as described below
  6. the host’s curriculum vitae
  7. the host’s supporting letter

  • Application should be submitted within the following deadlines: (i) Mar. 31 (for research stays beginning on or after 01 July) and (ii) Nov. 30 (for research stays beginning on or after 01 March).
  • Applications can only be processed when they have been submitted in full, including all required papers and documents. Incomplete applications cannot be processed by the TWAS and will result in the applicant's exclusion from the selection process.
  • TYAN shall be entitled to a repayment of all or part of any funds paid to an applicant hereunder, in the event that the applicant intentionally or negligently fails to fulfil any or all of the present conditions. The applicant agrees to pay any reasonable legal and/or collection costs incurred by TYAN to obtain the repayment.
  • Review of applications would take an average of 90 days, applicants should not travel before receiving notification that they have been successfully awarded the TCGA. The proponent will have up to 90 (ninety) days to implement the collaboration grant from the date of electronic notification of the outcome of the application by TYAN. After this period, the concession will be cancelled.


  1. Incomplete/unsigned applications will NOT be accepted.
  2. Scientific publications and any other means of disseminating research work supported or was a result of this award must cite TYAN's support through the TYAN Collaborative Grant Award (TCGA).
  3. Please email the application to the TWAS Exchanges Office: exchanges@twas.org