Workshop TYAN concludes 2023 edition with a bang and participants’ approval

Event hosted at UnB last week brought together about 80 leading researchers from the Americas and Europe

Friday, the last day of the 9th International Thematic Mathematics Workshop of The TWAS Young Affiliates Network and the 1st TYAN-Humboldt Workshop in Mathematics, closed one of the most celebrated and important events in the field in the annual calendar. Hosted at the University of Brasília (UnB), the attraction was organized by the Brazilian Mathematical Society (SBM) in partnership with TYAN, UnB, the Young Academy of Argentina, and the Mexican Mathematical Society.

Image: Released by SBM – Mina Teicher, a scientist from the University of Miami

On the last day, the UnB auditorium welcomed two top foreign researchers based in Brasília, a reference speaker from the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA), and Israeli mathematician Mina Teicher, a scientist from the University of Miami, in the United States. Celina Figueiredo, one of the highlights of Thursday at the TYAN Workshop, welcomed them in the role of Chair.

Mina Teicher began the work with a plenary session focused on the empowerment of women in the field of world mathematics. WIMSA (Advancement of Women in Mathematics in the Americas, in translation) is an initiative of the Department of Mathematics of the University of Miami and the Institute of Mathematics of the Americas (IMSA) to further stimulate the influence of women within future planning in the sector.

Image: Released by SBM – Pavel Zalesski, a researcher at UnB

Next, it was Pavel Zalesski’s turn, a researcher at UnB, to explain the theme: “Infinite Genus of Free Products from Fusion and Accessible Groups”. The idea was to discuss the infinite genus of residually finite accessible groups generated by a certain natural restriction in vertex groups at one end in their JSJ decompositions.

Image: Released by SBM – Pavel Shumyatsky, a researcher at UnB

In the following session, another reference scientist from UnB: Pavel Shumyatsky, who entered the scene with the session focused on Recent Applications of Lie Methods to Group Theory. In the lecture, the researcher described new results on the topic whose proofs are based on a Lie theory theorem by Efim Zelmanov, a Fields medalist in 1994.

Finally, it was Carolina Araújo’s turn, representing IMPA, to wrap up the work of the TYAN Workshop in the afternoon session. The event was fully utilized by graduate and PhD students from all over Brazil, who attended since last Monday (1) at the UnB facilities.

Image: Released by SBM – Carolina Araújo, a researcher at IMPA

Igor Chagas Santos, a postdoctoral student at the Federal University of Sergipe (UFSE), approved the initiative mainly for receiving feedback from researchers from all over Brazil on his research line.

“I really enjoyed the event, because it is an opportunity to present my work, talk about my work, see the work of others, make contact with other people, and hear the opinion of those who work in the same research line. Not to mention that it also opens up the possibility of work abroad, as there are leading researchers from all over the world at this event,” Santos highlights.

Image: Released by SBM – Igor Chagas Santos, a postdoctoral student at UFSE

For Jaqueline Mesquita, President of the SBM, the initiative was a success from its proposal to the realization of a week rich in knowledge and networking between Brazilians and renowned scientists from the Americas and Europe.

“The event was a great success. We had the participation of great names in world mathematics at the event, such as Enrique Zuazua, Helge Holden, Martin Bohner, Alícia Dickenstein, Liliana Forzani, among others. TYAN has been supporting the area of mathematics a lot, we are organizing periodic events, the TITOs, in collaboration with TYAN and other Academies of Science and Scientific Societies. This has been very important, as it brings more visibility to Mathematics developed in Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition, it allows researchers from different countries to establish collaborations and connections that are important and of high scientific quality,” analyzes Jaqueline.

Image: Released by SBM – Jaqueline Mesquita, President of SBM at TYAN Workshop

The organization estimates that about 80 scientists were present in the auditoriums of UnB. The SBM aims to organize in 2024 a satellite event of the Latin American Congress of Mathematics with the support of TYAN in João Pessoa.