UnB and TYAN bring together scientists from the Americas in a Mathematics Workshop, and Brazil strengthens relations with leading figures in the field

From today until next Friday, Brasília hosts the 9th International Thematic Mathematics Workshop of The TWAS Young Affiliates Network and the 1st TYAN-Humboldt Workshop in the area, which is expected to bring together about 80 cutting-edge researchers.

Image: Released by SBM – TYAN Thematic Workshop to bring together about 80 leading researchers from the Americas at UnB until Friday

Brasília (Brazil), October 2, 2023 – The capital of Brazil is the stage this week for one of the most important gatherings in Mathematics in the Americas. The University of Brasília (UnB) is hosting the 9th International Thematic Workshop on Mathematics of the Network of Young Affiliates of the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS-TYAN) and the 1st TYAN-Humboldt Workshop in Mathematics. The event is organized by the Brazilian Mathematical Society (SBM) in partnership with TYAN, UnB, the Young Academy of Argentina, and the Mexican Mathematical Society.

Conceived by TWAS, the workshop is supported by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) and aims to promote the dissemination of knowledge in various areas of Mathematics, with a special emphasis on developing countries. This Monday, the ceremony fulfilled its promise and brought together the most celebrated mathematicians from South America, North America, and the Caribbean.

Image: Released by SBM – SBM President Jaqueline Mesquita participated in the opening panel of the TYAN Thematic Workshop

The organization estimates that about 80 scientists will be present in the auditoriums of UnB until next Friday (6). Eight authorities opened the roundtable of the Thematic Workshop. They were: Jaqueline Mesquita, President of SBM, Maria Emília Walter, Dean of Research and Innovation at UnB, Maria Soledad Aronna, representative of Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), Emerson de Mello, Head of the Department of Mathematics at UnB, Tiago Roux, President of the Brazilian Society of Automation (SBA), Franco Cabrerizo, Chair of the Executive Committee of TWAS, Ricardo Ruviaro, Director of the Institute of Exact Sciences at UnB, and Márcia Barbosa, Secretary of Strategic Policies and Programs at the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MCTI).

Next, Paolo Piccione, Director of SBM and researcher at the University of São Paulo (USP), played a leading role in the morning plenary session and also served as Chair for the lecture by Professor Keti Tenenblat, an international reference in the field of Differential Geometry.

Image: Released by SBM – Paolo Piccione was a protagonist of a plenary session on the 1st day of the TYAN Thematic Workshop

Following this, mathematician Alicia Dickenstein from the University of Buenos Aires gave a lecture focused on Geometric Algebra, as well as Biological Systems and Combinatorial Analysis. The Argentine researcher also served as a moderator later in the roundtable with Márcia Barbosa and Liliana Forzani from the Mathematical Union of Latin America and the Caribbean (UMALCA), which discussed harassment in academic environments.

Image: Released by SBM – Alicia Dickenstein, from the University of Buenos Aires, gave a lecture on Geometric Algebra on the 1st day

For Tiago Roux, President of SBA, the topics offered in the workshop are attractive for addressing trends that go beyond Mathematics and further enrich the event.

“It has been a very good experience. From my point of view as someone in the field of Engineering, I try to make connections between the theories presented and their practical applications. And the workshop has been enriching because it goes beyond technical topics. We’ve discussed issues like moral harassment, where you can already see an evolution in discussions. And it’s crucial to have researchers from abroad, because that way we can assess how advanced or behind we are in the field. Because often, they are not aware of our work, our responsibilities, and this exchange is vital because it helps everyone, without exception, to grow professionally,” he reflects.

Image: Released by SBM – Franco Cabrerizo, President of the TYAN Executive Committee and Tiago Roux, President of the SBA

The first day of the event also included special sessions focused on Analysis in Applied Mathematics, Dynamical Systems, Geometry, Topology, and Discrete Mathematics. The 2023 edition also marked a closer relationship with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany, which supports researchers worldwide and actively promotes progress and scientific development.

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) focuses on bringing together young researchers to contribute to communication and cooperation among the new generations of researchers. The daily schedule of the TYAN Workshop was established to meet these expectations.

The schedule throughout the week at UnB will feature more plenary lectures offered by prominent figures in the world of mathematics, as well as panels and the continuation of special sessions.