TYAN Collaborative Grant Award (TCGA) is offered to TYAN members to spend a minimum of 2 weeks at a research institution other than their own.

The purpose of these awards is to promote collaborations that can enhance the research capacity of TYAN members and/or enable TYAN members to develop leadership in a specific area of expertise

On this opportunity, the four winners are:

  • Dr. Mohammadipanah, Fatemeh with the project “Genome-mining of Actinobacteria aimed at new metabolite discovery”
  • Dr. Dela Cruz, Thomas Edison presenting the project “Micropollutants on organismal growth and development”
  • Dr. Enany, Shymaa with “Proteomic approach for developing novel diagnostic agents for Mycobacterium avium complex disease.”
  • Dr. Hemmateenejad, Bahram with “Limit of discrimination as an alternative to limit of detection in sensor arrays”

We congratulate them and wish them a successful experience!