After working together for more than four years, the TYAN EC members agreed that new members are needed to join the EC to bring new blood and new ideas. For this reason, the TYAN EC is calling for nomination of new EC members, using the following selection principles and procedures:

(1) The new TYAN EC will compose of 8 members, be gender balanced, and each TWAS region may have up to two representatives.

(2) The nomination could be in the form of self-nomination, or nomination could be proposed by other TYAN members, or from the offices of TWAS regional partners.

(3) Both Young Affiliates or Alumni can be nominated.

(4) Nominations should be sent to Ms Fabrizia Niscio with the following information: (a) motivation of becoming an EC member, (b) personal experience in this area, (c) work plan (ideas to be implemented).

(5) To ensure smooth transition, the current TYAN EC members who are interested in serving in the new EC are encouraged to join the election, and they will need to submit the nomination form as described in (4).

(6) Nominations will be reviewed by the out-going TYAN EC members who are not participating in the new election.

(7) For selection, nominees will be invited to attend an online interview (5 min statement and 10 min Q&A) to describe their motivation and plans. The selection committee will compose of out-going TYAN EC members who are not participating in the new election, former TYAN EC members, TWAS representatives, and other invited independent experts.

(8) The deadline for nomination is the 31st August 2021. The selection is to be completed by the end of October 2021. The term of each EC member is three years. The new chair and co-chairs will be elected by the new TYAN EC members. The new TYAN EC should start to work once members are selected, and the out-going TYAN EC members can be consulted when necessary.

Please send nominations to Ms. Fabrizia Niscio (exchanges@twas.org)