Third day of the TYAN Workshop highlights the union of academia and industry to boost education in Brazil

International event’s program runs through next Friday at UnB and brings together top scientists in the field

Brasília, Brazil, October 5, 2023 – The third day of the 9th International Thematic Mathematics Workshop of The TWAS Young Affiliates Network and the 1st TYAN-Humboldt Workshop in Mathematics continued its mission of integrating scientists from all over the world. At the University of Brasília (UnB), highlights included lectures and sessions focused on the union between academic work and industry in the specialized area.

Image: Released by SBM

The meeting is organized by the Brazilian Mathematical Society (SBM) in partnership with TYAN, UnB, the Young Academy of Argentina, and the Mexican Mathematical Society. On the third day of the TYAN Workshop, once again the federal capital welcomed top researchers from various institutions from all over the world.

Image: Released by SBM – Helge Holden, from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

In the morning session, mathematician Helge Holden from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology presented several of his theories in the plenary session on Differential Equations, in which he is an international reference. Next, it was the turn of Maria Eulália Vares, a professor at the Institute of Mathematics of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), on Probability and Stochastic Processes.

In the afternoon, three Brazilian references in research and education dominated the scenes in the UnB auditorium: José Alberto Cuminato and Tiago Pereira da Silva, both from the Center for Research, Innovation and Dissemination in Applied Mathematical Sciences to Industry (CEPID-CeMEAI), and Ana Luiza Neiva Amaral, from the Serviço Social da Indústria (SESI).

Image: Released by SBM – José Alberto Cuminato, researcher at CeMEAI

José Alberto Cuminato, a researcher at the CEPID-CeMEAI, reinforced the link between mathematics and academia to achieve success in the labor market. For the researcher, mathematical sciences can add value to industrial and commercial activities by being complementary.

Ana Luiza Neiva Amaral, a PhD in Education, believes that the event is vital for the Brazilian teaching staff to acquire better preparation to face the challenge of changing the unfortunate situation in the learning area in our country. Currently, Brazil ranks only 66th in the ranking of the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa).

Image: Released by SBM – Ana Luiza Neiva Amaral, educator at SESI

“In fact, when you evaluate the data from Brazil in Pisa and the Basic Education Assessment System (SAEB), Brazil has performed very poorly in mathematics. And this makes us understand that our students are not learning what is expected at each stage of education. And we need to find solutions to change this scenario, based on scientific evidence,” the professor contextualizes.

Image: Released by SBM – Maria Eulália Vares, professor at the Institute of Mathematics of UFRJ

In her plenary session, Ana Luiza presented data on the stagnation of Brazil in the education area. She highlights that the TYAN Workshop is a very valuable initiative for the process of disseminating mathematics, especially at the national level.

“I have no doubt that the university has a very important role and must collaborate with education in the country. The TYAN Workshop, for example, is extremely necessary, as it stimulates debate and proposes solutions to help us overcome challenges. As I showed in data, one in every 10 students who finish elementary school in Brazil receive adequate treatment in mathematics. Therefore, it is necessary for us to reflect in events like this to propose initiatives to reverse this situation,” the educator concludes.

Image: Released by SBM – Tiago Pereira da Silva, researcher at CeMEAI

Janara Ramos Nascimento, a PhD student at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), is enjoying participating in an internationally recognized event and is taking advantage of the opportunity to add elements to her research line in Salvador.

“For me, it is a huge opportunity to present my line of research in mathematics to renowned scientists from all over the world. It is the time for exchange and networking, to be able to share my work, receive comments and suggestions. It is a unique experience,” the student highlights.

Image: Released by SBM – Janara Ramos Nascimento, PhD student at UFBA

The program at UnB runs through Friday (6) and will feature more plenary lectures offered by leading names in world mathematics, panels, and the continuation of special sessions.