Interview with PhD Leslie Tejeda Pérez , Co-Organiser of the 1st TYAN Summer School in Bolivia

We kept an interview with Leslie Tejeda Pérez, Co-organiser of the 1st TYAN Summer School in Bolivia

Que: Could you please introduce yourself?

Ans: I am PhD Leslie Tejeda, researcher, and professor in food chemistry area at Universidad Mayor de San Andrés

Que: Why is the Summer School important for the local scientific ecosystem?

Ans: It is a cooperation program working under the umbrella of the TYAN Program named “TEACH-4-SD”. This school will help the local students and researchers to promote science and research within Bolivia. It also allows local scientific talent to connect with researchers from different parts of the world, encouraging collaboration and strengthening local research.

Que: Could you provide us with a brief description of the Summer School program?

Ans: This summer school program focuses on theoretical and practical courses in science, technology and innovation.

This year the summer school will offer some courses like Plant Reproduction and Breeding, Biospectroscopy, Animal models for experimental research in developmental biology, Fundamental aspects of photochemistry, and food chemistry, with the participation of Professors Dr. Pablo Bolaños (Costa Rica), Dr. Federico Brown (Ecuador), Dr. Yraima Cordeiro (Brazil) and  Dr Franco M. Cabrerizo (Argentina).

Que: In which is SDG the Summer School is acting on?

Ans: This school is strongly linked with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: Gender Equality (SDGs #5), Quality Education (SDGs #4), and Partnership for the Goal (SDGs #17). In both areas, Bolivia’s scientific ecosystem needs further progress.

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