Huairou Campus of the Institute of Physics (Chinese Academy of Sciences): a fantastic opportunity for research collaborations

Introduction: On April 28th, 2024, Prof. Franco M. Cabrerizo (Chair of TYAN) conducted an official visit to the laboratories of Prof. Shaobo Fang at the Institute of Physics (IOP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), located in the Huairou Science City. This visit aimed to explore potential collaborations and gain insights into the advanced research facilities and initiatives at the IOP Huairou Campus.

Huairou Campus Overview: The Huairou Campus of the Institute of Physics, CAS, is strategically situated at the core of Huairou Science City, near the iconic Great Wall and Yanqi Lake. The campus encompasses an area of approximately 230 mu, with a building area of 118,000 square meters and a total investment of about 2.4 billion yuan. Established to foster groundbreaking scientific research, the campus comprises the Synergetic Extreme Condition User Facility and two interdisciplinary research centers: the Center for Clean Energy and the Center for Materials Genome Initiative.

Key Facilities and Research Centers:

  1. Synergetic Extreme Condition User Facility:
    • A national major science facility dedicated to research under extreme conditions such as ultrahigh pressure, ultralow temperature, strong magnetic fields, and ultrafast optical fields.
    • Facilitates discoveries in new states of matter, novel phenomena, and fundamental physical laws.
    • Preferred research fields include physical property measurements, quantum oscillations, spectral measurements, nuclear magnetic resonance, scanning tunneling spectroscopy, and various aspects of quantum computation.
  2. Center for Materials Genome Initiative (CMGI):
    • Focuses on advanced materials genome research, enhancing China’s research capabilities in high-temperature superconductors, advanced quantum materials, and high-performance alloys.
    • Promotes the rapid optimization of material processes and supports breakthrough developments in material science.
    • Preferred research fields include high throughput materials computation, molecular beam epitaxy, pulsed laser deposition, and accelerated alloy screening.
  3. Center for Clean Energy (CCE):
    • Specializes in energy storage, energy conversion, and efficient energy utilization.
    • Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for analyzing materials and devices from atomic to macroscopic dimensions.
    • Preferred research fields include chemical energy storage, solar cell analysis, solid-state lighting, and clean energy technologies.

For further information, please visit: Institute of Physics – Huairou Center (

The visit to the Institute of Physics, CAS, represents a fantastic opportunity for the TYAN community, opening avenues for collaborative research and the exchange of knowledge in the field of physical and material sciences. The state-of-the-art facilities and interdisciplinary research centers at the Huairou Campus offer immense potential for advancements in scientific research and innovation. TYAN looks forward to fostering strong partnerships with the Institute of Physics and contributing to the global scientific community. Those TYAN members interested in getting access to these facilities contact us ( and

TYAN Chair Prof. Franco M. Cabrerizo (second from left to right) visiting Prof. Shaobo Fang’s Laboratories (third from left to right) at the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Synergetic Extreme Condition User Facility (SECUF), Huairou Science City, Beijing