1st TYAN Summer School in Bolivia Campus Universitario, 27 Cota Cota street, La Paz, Bolivia

1 – “Plants reproduction improvement” Phd Pablo Bolaños from Universidad de Costa Rica (Costa Rica). The goal of this course is to share key aspects of plants reproduction in order to facilitate the improvement of important crops.

2 – “Animal models for experimental research in developmental biology”– Phd Federico Brown from Universidade de São Paulo (Brasil). The objective of this course is to provide basic tools for the study of invertebrates models for experimental research.

3 –  “Bioespectroscopy”. Phd Yraima Cordeiro, Universidade do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) will teach how to analyse UV-Vis spectrum and fluorescence of biomolecules.

4 – “Food Chemistry” Phd Leslie Tejeda, Universidad mayor de San Andrés (Bolivia). The objective is that students can comprehend the chemical process of the main compounds of food during its formulation.4

5 – “Principles of photochemistry” Phd Franco Cabrerizo, Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM, Argentina). The aim of this course is to learn basic aspects of the interaction of matter-radiation, as well as the mechanistics aspects of the photochemical and photophysical processes. 

For more info, contact tyantwas@gmail.com or Leslie Tejeda Pérez PhD (lktejeda@umsa.bo)